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Friday, March 19, 2010


So...a new friend of mine (STRICTLY a FRIEND) invited me to his birthday events.  When I made it known that it is very important to celebrate ON your birthday, he then decided to have a small get together at a local restuarant on his actual birthday.  So he sends me a text message informing me of the logistics and I was like "Cool, I'll be there."  Now, this is just a homie buuuuut we talk on an overly regular basis.  For the most part, we talk almost everyday (not one-sided either, I contact him & he contacts me) and we've grown to be pretty close friends.  The evening of the birthday dinner comes and I'm in the parking garage with my cousin and her fiancee.  Dude walks straight past us (with another female).  Now my cousin says that she saw him give a slight wave but I didn't see it.  Dude was walking extreme power walking fast.  By the time we got to the restaurant, they were already upstairs and on the patio and chilling like they had been there a minute.  We get to the rest of the group and he just stands there with a crazy look on his face.  Now, I'm not sure what exactly is going on because like I said before "we're just friends".  But, as the bigger person, I go over and speak to him and the girl.

The entire time that we are there, his friends are making a big deal of the situation.  Not the awkwardness of his situation with me, but of the situation with him and the girl he brought.  Please note that we are at 2 separate tables, I'm sitting with his best friend, my cousin, and her fiancee and he and the girl are at the other table.  By the end of the night, I was just ready to go so when my cousin announced that she was leaving, I jumped up and left with her.  Why sit there to celebrate someone's birthday when they barely acknowledged my existence?  Like I just crashed the party...uh no dude you invited me.

So yeah...extreme awkwardness at it's finest.

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