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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well...I have a good story for you today!  I was out hanging with the girls one night when one of my friends, Nia, asked me about my blog.  I was telling her about how I love it and she told me that she has a "situation" that she wanted me to share with my readers and wanted their honest here it is:

Nia is caught up in a situation, to say the least.  She works long days at her company so she and her coworkers spend a lot of time together.  So it was no surprise when she started dating her coworker, Aaron, secretly.  Their relationship ended, but now she's fallen for a new guy, Mike, who just happens to be another co-worker.  Now, it's not like the two (Aaron & Mike) are so far removed from each other that they'll never cross paths.  In fact, Aaron and Mike have a casual (we play video games together) relationship. 

Nia has yet to inform Mike about her past relationship with Aaron, and doesn't know if she should.  She and Aaron are still friends (and Aaron has a hater brother who works in the same dept as Nia and Mike and would gladly spill the relationship beans). 

Nia's question is: "What Should She Do?"  Personally, I think that she should tell Mike about Aaron.  I don't see how it would end better if she doesn't...but that's just my two cents. 

Bright Side: At least someone's dating regularly up in this piece!  Just kidding, just kidding!