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Monday, March 22, 2010


I have a twitter account (Vonne716), but I'm just starting to use it.  When I logged on this morning, I noticed that that one of my Fav 5 (Music Edition) had an interesting tweet.  I guess Monday's trending topic is #dearfuturehusband.  Now me being who I am, I don't just have one request, I have a are my top 5:

#dearfuturehusband please remember to put the toilet seat down so that I don't fall in the toilet.
#dearfuturehusband When I'm happy, you're happy
#dearfuturehusband I hope you know that when you say "I Do" it's until DEATH do us part...I don't get down with that seperation/divorce mess. 
#dearfuturehusband It is not funny nor is it sexy when I am upset (Ne-yo will get you cut)
#dearfuturehusband Foot massages, surprises, lillies & tulips, cleaning up the kitchen, and cooking will put a smile on my face.

That is all (not really but that's all I feel like typing).

If you could, what would you want to tell your future husband?

1 comment:

  1. I love tulips too!! Didn't know we had that in commmon;)