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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don't Hate The Player... I stated in my intro, my friends and I have regular conversations about being single.  Personally, I feel that my issue is that I just don't meet men...well not that I don't meet men, I don't meet the quality of man that I feel that I deserve.  One person's suggestion was that I try meeting someone at church.  (insert slight chuckle and rolling eyes here)  Now before you start to think that I'm a heathen, I go to church very regularly and I'm very involved in the various activities, including the Singles Ministry.  I have also been at the church that I attend my WHOLE.ENTIRE.LIFE.  Almost every guy that is there, I've known from birth (or very close). 

Well you have to imagine my surprise when I walk in the church auditorium and see a very attractive young man sitting in one of the pews on Sunday.  Almost immediately my antenna is raised and I'm zeroing in...inconspicuousely, of course!  After service (and in private) I interrogate a few people who I know have the 411 (does anyone even say "411" anymore? Oh well...I guess I do ha ha).  I receive all of the vital statistics: age - my age, background - college graduate WITH a nice job, and most importantly status - SINGLE, JACKPOT!!!  So, the next Sunday I position myself in a place to be seen.  Mission Accomplished!  We exchanged numbers, he calls within a few days, and the first date is set.  He picks a nice restaurant and we have a good time.  The conversation is pretty good, we have a lot in common, and he's VERY easy on the eye.  At the end of the night we agree to do it again.

We made plans for a Saturday night to go to the movies around 8 pm.  7:05 rolls around...I don't hear from him, 7:25 rolls around...nothing, at 7:45 this man has the audacity to text me (not call but TEXT) to let me know that he is still at a football game FIFTY MILES AWAY.  So I'm sure that you can guess how disgusted I was.  It wasn't that he had to cancel or that he got caught up, the problem was that he decided to inform me 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet. 

I was pretty upset but I'm a sucker and I was over it about a week later until...I was driving into the church parking lot on Sunday and guess who's power-walking into the church building WITH another guessed it, Mr. Absent.  Thought it was especially funny the way that he burned out of building as SOON as the benediction was over.  THEN my aunt and I are casually talking about something and she mentions that she say Mr. Absent in an organic food store with a girl...and she was sure that it wasnt the same one he brought to church (guess I wasn't the only one peepin').  And if that wasn't enough, my line sister and I were walking around Downtown and guess who we see walking up the street (I promise people, I'm NOT making this up)...Mr. Absent with another girl.  By the descriptions given and from what I saw with my own eyes, these were three completely different women, in a months time, with the same guy. 

Lesson to be learned: Church guys aren't always the best choice
Bright side: After I saw him downtown, he hasn't been back to the church since...


  1. The cancellation of the date was pretty wack but my question is...was Mr. Absent only obligated to date you? Sounds like he might be looking for Mrs. Right himself...Just curious....

  2. No, he isn't (wasn't) obligated to date only me. When you are first meeting someone, 9 times out of 10 you both are dating other people. It just makes things really awkward when you actually see them dating another person (in this case, other people)...especially when they bring them to your church.