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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting That Itch (not like that)

A lot of times I find myself sitting and daydreaming about random things (surprisingly, most of the time it's while I'm at work lol).  Lately, it's been about how so much has changed from when I was younger to now.  I remember when guys used to approach a female and actually not mind putting forth the effort to "win" her over.  They would actually initiate conversation and actually let you know that they were "feelin" you.  Nowadays, it seems like all they want is for a female to approach and chase them.  I'm not sure what cosmic shift occured in the atmosphere that made them change the way things work but I need to know who to send the memo to so we can CHANGE THINGS BACK!!  Seriously, is there someone in charge who just up & decided that female-male interaction needed a change?  Is this an underground movement?  Is there a secret society?  [insert Love Jones quote here]

Now, I'm not saying that I expect a man to beg and plead on bended knee while holding flowers in one hand and holding & kissing the back of my hand in the other, but I do expect a man to put forth some effort.  Chivalry can't be dead.  I would appreciate it if a man who's interested in communicating with me would do so when he hasn't done something wrong.  You know what I mean...when he's in the dog house THEN he wants to text and call you all the time, but when y'all are cool then he expects you to do all of the communicating.  I understand that we all have our separate lives to live and life can get pretty hectic, BUT if a man is interested then there should be NO DOUBT in my mind that he is.  My life is like a whirlwind but if I'm feeling someone, I'll send a text just to say hey when I start to think about him.  I also understand that men think very differently from females, but I also know that people make time for who and what they want to make time for. 

If you know me then you know that every so often I start cleaning out my mind and my phone.  I call this the Dismissing and Deleting excuses.  I'm not thinking about how things were in the past, what they used to do, I'm not making any excuses because I'm only dealing with the present.  What are you doing now?  [cue Janet Jackson's "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" here] If the only time I hear from you is when I contact you, you're getting deleted.  I know you're probably thinking that this is something that I should have done a long time ago but hey, better late than never. 

Maybe purging my life (and phonebook) of the old will make room for the new (and hopefully better). I know that there are guys out there who don't mind putting forth the effort (because I'm way past worth it) and hopefully they'll start to reveal themselves (sooner than later), because I'm ready to post some dating success stories (and I'm sure you're ready to read them).

**Update 3/25/2010**
Purge Complete...hope I don't have to hurt anyone's feelings by sending the "who is this?" response...well...tbh (to be honest) I kinda really don't care at this point (consider the brick wall back up). lol

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  1. funny thing is i told you to do this years ago... but who listens to me anyway...