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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He's Just Not That Into Me...

So i've been single for a while...the first 2 1/2 years were by choice and these last 2 1/2 years notsomuch. I always go to my friends and i'm like "Geez...what's the issue? There has to be at least ONE man that fits into my long list of requirements, right?" dont understand, sometimes I feel like Kenya in the movie Something New. When someone asks me about what I am looking for, I start with about 3 or 4 good, solid characterists and then it's like a dam that's been broken, I end up listing almost every positive adjective in the dictionary. So i'm guessing that you can figure out their diagnosis for me...that my standards are too high. Personally, i dont feel that there is anything wrong with my standards, but since I did go to them for advice, I decided to take heed to their advice. One day when I was taking a "Mental Health Day" from work (meaning that I didnt feel like going in), I walked into a women's store in the mall. When I walked in I saw a very handsome man that happened to be working there. At that moment, I decided to take my friends advice and try something new. (Now, you should know that my list did list attributes such as educated...meaning having a degree, ambitious...meaning having a good, corporate job, and stable...meaning having a solid bank account) Well when I started picking up items to try on, he came over and took my clothes. When he did, he also complemented my hat and my glasses. The next time around he complemented the color of polish on my toes (that should have been a warning). So after I checked out, I gave him my number. He called and we made a date to meet at coffeehouse.

Well when he arrived...15 minutes late, I was taken aback by his off duty attire. He had on rings and braceletes. Now I understand that men have the right to accessorize, but these weren't the accessories of a heterosexual male. Again, I shook it off and decided that I would try to keep an open mind...that could just be his outlet of expression. Well as the night went on his voice started to go into a high-pitched tone, he started to look at every man that entered the establishment, and the conversation didn't interest me at all. On top of all of that...he asked me if I would take him home because he wasn't sure the next time the bus was coming. 

Yeah...I just came to the conclusion that he just wasn't into me...and i dont think any other woman. So i guess it's back to the drawing for me!

**Bright Side: I guess it's better that I find this out now rather than a ring, mortgage, kids, etc later down the line when I find him in bed with a man. Plus, it was an interesting 45 minutes.

This guy is STILL calling and texting me asking to spend time. 

How do you suggest that should I put him out of his misery? 

"one day my prince will come..."

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  1. This is very interesting. Actually entertaining. Funny thing about meeting people, one of the most significant factor is not the person but the TIMING. I met you sometime in 2006 and I can honestly say that you caught my attention, cool ass women and imma leg man & you fit the description. lol.. I hadnt been in a relationship in a couple years (never been one of them people that go from relationship to relationship) and wanted to get to know you. I actually thought your standards was kind of high, especially with me knowing the type of guy I am, I set high standards so it was a little shocking to me how we didnt click. This is apart of meeting people. I can say though that I do remember you have a weed out system, which is good, every women needs to implement a system. i think yours was church. With every system there is room for error and depending where you are in LIFE, we can miss some blessings but the good thing is GOD's mercy will grant us another opportunity. Its all about timing, just as Im responding to your post while using my work computer, which I know Im not spossed to be using but for some reason I checked the BUZZ filter and here I am, reading your blog, TIMING! I believe from getting to know about you that your a women of high morals, be patient and get to know the brotha before giving him them papers, especially if he has a good heart, you may gain a true friend for life. In closing, neva settle for the temporary satisfaction, you do better enjoying another evening on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy. Keep in mind, this is coming from a man who believes that there are still women in this world who know what VIRTUE actually means.....