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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This past Saturday I had the opportunity to hang out with a more seasoned group of ladies while watching Bearkat and Texans football.  I had so much fun listening to stories of sponsorship and foolishness.  It was somewhat interesting (and a little scary) to know that foolishness knows no age.  Seriously, is this what I have to look forward to in the coming years?!  One of the stories that was brought to the table for discussion was one that I have yet to encounter.  Let me share (and yes, I did get permission)...

This lovely, 40+ lady (Bonita) met a guy (Reggie) out and about.  One day when they were conversing, they decide to meet up.  Now...this was an impromptu date.  When they finally met at Subway, they ordered and proceeded to pay.  The male (also 40+) pulls out a buy one, get one free foot long coupon.  Now Bonita is a little taken aback by Reggie's decision to use a coupon on one of their first outings.  And on top of all of that, Bonita ordered a 6 inch sandwich instead of a footlong so Reggie had to order another footlong on his own (which he said that he would eat for lunch on another day).  Really?  I understand the concept of frugality, but can we at least wait until date 5,6, or 7...when we are really comfortable with each other? 

So the discussion at the table was if you felt like this was acceptable behavior or not.  Personally, I think that he should've waited to use the coupon with his boys or for lunch one day, especially since he still ended up keeping the other sandwich for another day anyway.  But maybe that's just me (and the other ladies at the table).

Bright Side:  Maybe this means that he is awesome at saving and building for the future?  idk...that's probably a stretch but it's all that I got!


  1. No. Excessive and superfluous spending... YES and plus it was a first date, and impromptu at that. That's one step above a blind date. Lol

  2. at Subway... yes. Go ahead and spend the $3 extra to buy me a sub.

  3. No...............I've gone out with a guy and he used a coupon for one of those Brazilian meat spots -- we ate GOOD and for CHEAP! lol

  4. Depends? Does he make sure to super size my french fries?

  5. If you agreed to the subway, you kind of opened the door for a "meal/deal/steal."

    Maybe he took the casualness of the meet up and venue for granted.

    Okay I am being ambiguous, but really I wouldn't have a problem if he was actually saving some money (not $5...)

  6. I could care less if yah use a coupon, let's me know that u smart about yah money, I only know a few people that's balln anyway. Besides, if you use a coupon, use a lil discretion, when tha cashier give u the cups, ask yah date to grab the ...drinks, napkins and you'll meet her at the table. Pay for the meal with yah coupon and keep it pushn, plus u may really be diggn this woman and everybody knows u don't pass on opportunity..

  7. Ok, I might just be the old married lady talking, but after reading the post I definately don't see anything wrong. Technically he didn't use the coupon on her, or that date. He saw the opportunity to pick up dinner and took it. :) Also... this was an impromptu date. Was it his idea to go to Subway? He might have already planned to get that free sandwich before she decided to join him. Could also be my teacher salary talking, but I don't see the big deal.