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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Let's Try This Ooooone More Time..."

It's so crazy how the weirdest things always happen to me.  Sometimes so weird to where I think about if I was being told some of the stories that I tell my friends (and blog readers), I probably wouldn't believe it.  But the killing part is that every one of my stories are true and at least one (sometimes two) of my friends can vouch for me.  Well...last Saturday was one of those times. 

So last weekend was sooo crazy! I had so much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it.  After I left my grandmother's program at church, I went by the Sprint store to transfer my numbers from my old phone into my new phone. So I'm sitting and waiting for the service tech to bring me my phone when this random guy starts talking to me.  Now, I'm my grandfather's child so I'll sit and talk to anyone.  So we are sitting and he asks me what I do and then he starts telling me about his daughter and how she's trying to set up a non-profit.(I promise, at times, telling someone that you work for a non-profit is like telling someone that you're a producer/AR rep/tv producer, etc.  They feel the need to start telling you all of their ideas and asking for all types of things!  But anyways...) So then he asks if I'm married (Umm...sir. Your wedding band is still on your finger.  Are you really trying to go there?) I reply "No", he then asks "boyfriend?" and I reply, "Not yet".  So then he goes in for the kill!  "I have a coworker who used to play basketball overseas and I think that you two should meet."  (Umm...excuse me?  Is this total stranger really trying to set me up on a blind date?  Who does that?) He leaves the store, I get my phone, and that was supposed to be the end.

Or so I thought...about 2 days later I get a Facebook message from the guy from the Sprint Store.  (I should've used my alias, Nia.)  He starts telling me about his friend and asks for my number.  I think about it and I'm like "Hmm...why not?  I'm not getting anywhere by meeting men on my own."  So I politely tell him that I'm not giving him my phone number but that his friend can email me.  Then I give him the email that I normally use for club promoters and spam. lol  So the guy emails me and he uses "converse" instead of "conversate" (CHECK) and he seems to be pretty intelligent (DOUBLE CHECK).  He calls and I'm at work so I don't answer.  I call back and we have a pretty good conversation.  He was funny, educated, nice...all the things that a woman would want except...he is 43! Yes FOURTY-THREE!!! Instantly, I just started playing the part in Daddy's Little Girls when Julia (Gabrielle Union) goes out with the 40 year old who wants to be a rapper who asks for skrimps.  If you don't know what I'm talking about then you need to view this...

For some unknown reason his friend thought that I was in my 30's (I don't know how since most people say that I look younger than my age, but he did say something about the way that I carry myself...if that's the case then I guess being mistaken for a woman in her30's isn't all that bad. lol)

Soo last night we go out to eat and I actually had a good time.  We had a pretty good conversation and he seems like a really good guy.  Things did get a little awkward (for me) when he would make comments about a long term relationship because I kept looking at him like an uncle or someone.  I mean, really, the dude is 3 years younger than my mother...I JUST.CANT.DO.IT!  So after last night, I had to send the message about being bothered by the age difference and he completely understood (it's kinda hard not to understand when there is a 17 year difference in age).  Sucks because maybe if he were younger or I were older, things would be different but oh well!

Bright Side: The entire time that I was at dinner, I kept thinking about the person who he would be perfect for.  Hopefully, they're both receptive to the idea and maybe big things can happen for them!  **fingers crossed**

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  1. you're great at expressing your thoughts on paper...I envision myself as the fly on the wall every single the stories coming!!