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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Older Doesn't Always Mean Wiser...

Good Morning People!!!

As I have stated, many times before, I have been on this "Something New" kick when it comes to dating. night I met two of my line sisters for karaoke at a popular sports bar in Houston.  When I got up to leave, I was stopped by an attractive, older gentleman.  He was cute so I gave him my number.  I get home and he calls me that night.  Now I can appreciate someone deciding not to wait three days or whatnot but this man called me at midnight.  I politely informed him that I was sleep and that he could call me at a decent hour on another day.  So he takes my advice and we converse for a little over the phone.  He invites me out for coffee (I don't drink coffee) and when we were supposed to go...I dropped the ball.  I was so tired that I didn't feel like going so I didn't answer the phone.  Now I know that I was SUPER wrong for that.  If the tables would've been turned I would've deleted the number and I would've been upset.  (In my defense, I was a tad younger and not as mature as I am now...but I admit that I was wrong)  But this guy wasn't like that.  When I did talk to him, I told him that I was tired and he was cool with it.  So things are going fine until I talk to him a couple of times and he kept asking me to come to his house because he wanted to "hold me."  RED FLAG I politely respond that I don't know him like that and he takes that as instruction to ask me every time we speak.  After the fifth or sixth time, I just tell him that I don't think that we should converse anymore because my feelings haven't changed from the first time that he asked me the question.  He then calls and apologizes and tries to explain and I'm just like whatever. 

So...we begin to converse again and he's on his best behavior.  We go out to eat and out to a club (where my Bff, Joe, is there to get a mental pic of the face and have his bodyguard friend threaten the poor man) and everything is cool.  But then he starts back up with the I want to hold you and it just gets to be too much.  He then starts rambling about his family history and he starts getting emotional about his father issues and how he wants me to meet his grandmother and his sisters and it was too overwhelming.  At this point, I might have known him a couple of months, but our conversations weren't consistant.  I would talk to him a couple of times a week so I just started to put him in the "hang-out" category.  I then tell him that it's too much too soon and then he says "I Love You." Umm...excuse me? come again? you what? you don't even know me.  So I just tell him that we need to go our seperate ways. 

One Sunday, I met my linesister at the gas station, in a different city, to go to a frat brothers BBQ. I go into the convenient store to get soemthing to drink and as I walk back to my car, guess who I run into?  Yep...the old man.  He then sees this as a sign from the cosmos that he needs to start contacting me again.  I don't answer the calls or texts but then guess what happens?  Yep...I see him at my beauty salon.  I try to pretend that I don't see him and it works until I have to go to the beauty supply next door to pick something up.  So then guess what happens a few weeks later after not answering his attempts to communicate with me?  I'm sitting in the chair, getting relaxer applied to my head and guess who comes through the door?  He came into the doorway and was like "I saw your car outside so I wanted to come say hey" He had the nerve to be smiling and expect me to be excited to see him.  RED FLAG  Not only was I looking crazy, the stylist across the hall AND my stylist/aunt were ready to take those hot marcells out of the oven and start beating that man down.  Sooo needless to say, after that event I did not talk to him EVER again.  He tried calling me from a different number but to no avail because I was not trying to have any contact with him.  

The story gets a little funnier...
Two of my BFF's went with me to my male BFF's birthday party one night.  I went to go talk to the DJ and when I came back guess who was sitting there laughing and talking to my cousin/BFF.  Now, I  had already filled her in on the antics of the old man.  Please tell me why when I walked over his face dropped.  He said hello but then quickly moved around.  Come to find out...the old man tried to talk to her a while ago.  I was like you know the old man? she was like that's THE old man? and I was like yeah, his name is Jacob.  She was like he told me that his name was John.  I was like he told me his son's name was John...she was like uhhh.  This was TOO funny.  Out of ALLLLL the people in Houston, we conversed with the same crazy fool...the world truly is a small place.

Bright Side:
After I saw him that night, I didn't get any new phone calls from him and I haven't seen him again.


  1. I had a similar situation happen to my and me, but he was stalking anyone. But it is priceless when they get caught!!!

  2. Yea...he was a little too much for me.

  3. Hello,
    I was thouroughly amused by your blog and am in love with your site. Some of your story sounds all too familiar. My friends in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles can "all" relate to the same dating woes. If you follow my blog you will agree. Happy blogging! I'll be following :)

  4. awww...thanks so much for your support! The reason that I started the blog was so that I could share these dating disasters in hopes that others could relate. I just knew that I couldn't be the only one out there who kept meeting these crazy people. lol

    I will definitely check out your blog! Thanks again!