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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Worth All Those...

Do you remember the movie, The Wood?  Well (if you remember), do you remember the part where they were all at the dance and "Big Mike" won the contest for who could get the most numbers at the dance, just because he pulled Alicia...because her number was worth "all 10 of those skeezers up in there"?  (Slim's words, not mine) experience was kinda like that (except with men).  Here's a clip just to refresh your memory (FF to 4:41):

Ok, so if you're a Bright Sider then you know that I accepted the challenge that Paul Brunson extended to the world about dating (see Challenge to catch up) and you also know about the guy from church that I've been wanting to approach for the longest (see Worth The Risk...).  Well I took this challenge as the opportunity to do just that.  Seeing as though I'd only approached 3 guys by July 30th, I decided that "Rick" was my "Alicia".  Let me set the scene...

It's after church one Sunday and I'm in the auditorium talking to my friend Kelly's sister (we were discussing the fact that I should come to Buenos Aires for her wedding in February...can we say that I'm in!  Any excuse to get back to the beaches of South America!).  I thought that Rick had left and that I had gotten out of approaching him for the umpteenth time in 5 or 6 months.  How about no!  So while I'm talking to Shan, I see him walk back into the auditorium and then turn to leave.  Imagine the butterflies in my stomach! I decided that this was the time!  I told Shan that I would be back and I set off. the time he got to the door I was right behind him and we greeted each other.  Since it was kinda crowded in the hallway, I asked him to come outside with me so that I could ask him something.  He followed and when we got outside I just blurted it out.  There was no time to find some (or any) "game" that I don't have...I was nervous enough.  I was just like "Would you want to hang out sometime?"  He chuckled a bit (in my head I'm screaming what the heck is so funny?), but then I just asked why the laugh?  He said that he was waiting for the punch line, but he realized that I was serious.  (Uhh...yeah I'm serious!  It's hot, I'm in a suit, and we are in the middle of the church's!).  So anyway he said yes, we can do that, and I told him I would call him so we could set something up later.  There's more to this story...but I'll post it later! :)

Bright Side:  Can we say that I was soooo relieved?  I have been wondering "what if" for the longest and now I did it!  I'm so proud of myself for just going for it (even if it took me 6 months)! 

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  1. Love it!!!! Best of luck and have fun!! :-)