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Monday, August 22, 2011

Just A Little...

Disappointed.  Remember the post before this one?  The one where I was so uber excited about approaching that guy from church?  (Worth The Wait...) Well, I'm sad to report that nothing came out of it.  I mean...I called him that Monday night but he hasn't initiated anything since then.  I sent a couple of follow up texts, but there wasn't anything there that made it seem like he had any interest in taking it further.  The conversation wasn't was just one of those "getting to know you" conversations.  I'm not ashamed to say that I did break down the conversation (in my head) to see what may have been the dealbreaker for him.  It wasn't like it was a short & sweet convo, we were on the phone for over a hr and I'm the one who initiated the goodbye. And I don't feel like just because I approached him that I gave up all rights to be "courted".  I just started the ball rolling, it's his job to keep it in motion, right?  In the conversationhe gave me his schedule, play by play, so I knew that he was going to be busy.  But, does that mean that you don't shoot out a text to say "hey", especially when you update your FB?  Or when I sent him a message, he answered it but never said "what about yourself?" or anything.  I'm just sayin...  I think I'll take it as a sign that "he's just not that into me" and I do not chase.  Oh well...on to the next one!

Bright Side: At least now I know what's up.  I kinda dwelled on it for a little bit, but now I'm good.  Maybe he just brought me one person closer to the one who's just as interested in me as I am in them. 


  1. I don't remember meeting you at church, but ok...LOL.

    Not going to take up for the guy, but a few times I've been in his situation....with each day that goes by without contact it gets more and more awkward. I say try again and if that don't work, move around like hands on a clock.