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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Worth The Risk...

Happy Monday!  So, I'll get straight to the point on this one. (Warning:  this is one of my rants) 

A good friend of mine and I have our weekly "catch-up" sessions.  Last week, we went bowling at Lucky Strikes.  You can probably guess that during these sessions we talk about our relationships (or in my case, lack there of) and our interactions with the opposite sex.  I shared with her that I have a new found interest.  Oh my goodness...the ideas on how to get his attention started to flow! Lol  As I was listening to her advice, I found myself starting to get a little heated.  Not that she was giving me advice, but because of the type of advice she was giving me.  Her advice ranged from going up to him and putting my hand on his shoulder to boldly going up to him and asking him about his interests...out of the blue.  Now, I had to stop her and just flat out tell her that I'm not doing that.  Not that I haven't approached a male before, but because these were really thirsty out of character/bold moves that I really wasn't comfortable carrying out.  I kept having to check my attitude while explaining to her that he's a grown man (like for real grown...he's like 30+) and if he's interested then he would make it known one way or another.  [I'm sure that it doesn't help that he attends my church (where my grandfather is the minister), it seems like he runs from me whenever we're in close proximity to each other, and my grandfather makes it known (to anyone that will listen) that I'm his baby!]

Anyway, I've decided that my approach will be to just ride it out...if he's interested then he'll grow some juevos and speak on it, if not then it's his loss!  I'm so worth the risk (although I'm not really sure what risks are invoved)!  I was given one subtle approach that I might take but to be quite honest, I'm tired of doing the work.  I don't know...we'll see what happens.

Bright Side:  I'm tired...


  1. Maybe he doesn't know you are interested. I think you should do something subtle. He could also be running the other way because he doesn't know what daddy's reaction will be. Like you said daddy makes it KNOWN that you are his baby!

  2. I've just discovered your blog and I relate to so much of what you have said and your experiences. I am single and still waiting for my S.O to come along. I agree that you should never throw yourself at a man or act "thirsty" in any sort of way. The one who is out there for you will come into your path in due time.
    Just hang in there.

  3. Welcome to my random thoughts and I'm glad that you found me! Feel free to give me your honest opinion/advice on anything that I post.

    Thanks for the encouragement, I'll let you know what happens and if anything progresses! Our time is sure to come...sooner or later.