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Friday, July 1, 2011

#27 dresses

Guess who's bizack!  Yes it's me, I've been moving around a lot (which isn't something new), and I've been carrying this post around in my head for the longest.  Last week, a really good friend of mine and I were in the car driving to a bible study when she just blurts out "Guess what?" Now, me being who I am, and depending on the person, my guess is either "You're Pregnant!" or "You're Getting Married!".  Because it was her, the only logical response was "You're Getting Married!"  and guess who won a million dollars! (not really)!  So she says that she's getting married and she wants me to be in it!  Now, I'm immediately happy for her because she and her boo/future husband are uber-cute together and I feel that she really deserves the happiness (not like other people don't), but she's my friend and I want all of my friends to be happy!

Fast Forward to the end of the night.  While I'm driving to go meet up with my LS for a birthday party, I start thinking about weddings that I've been a part of over the past couple of years.  Now, I'm only counting weddings after my college graduation 6 years ago.  So in the past 6 years, I've been in 10 (Yes, TEN) weddings (one year I was in 3)!  That's a lot of weddings and that's not counting the weddings that I was a part of from the age of 3-22!  I think if you add them all together, I've probably been in over 27 weddings.  My life is starting to feel like Jane (Kathryn Heigl) in 27 dresses.  If you think about it, we have a lot of similar characteristics.  We are in love with the idea of a wedding (me...I love the idea of marriage too,  it's like a scary, unpredictable, unknown), we will go through great lengths for the bride to make sure that her day is a special day, we genuinely love our friends and want to see them happy, and we have a slightly warped view of who our prince charming will be. 

In the case of Jane, she was fixated on one particular guy who was completely wrong for her when all the time, the person who was for her was right in front of her.  In the case of the Random Rambler, I don't really know what my problem is.  I've never been one to have a "type"  I just pray that he's God-fearing, attractive, taller than me, intelligent, caring, loving, etc.  I don't know, maybe Steve Harvey was right when he suggested that I may be in search of someone that isn't in search of me.  Who knows! And if one more person tells me to be patient, that God is preparing him for me, or that he'll come when I'm not looking, I'm going to scream!  When exactly does someone go into a room and not look?  A lot of people do a preliminary scan of who's there, regardless of if they are single or taken.  I know I do!  And if there's someone that I find attractive, I put a little extra pep in my step as I brush past him to go to the restroom or to meet up with my friends.  For me, that's just being real.  I'm very nosey observant (I always sit facing the door) so I'm always aware of what's going on wherever I am.  I don't think much there is changing!

The Bright Side:  Luckily, I have some decisions that are coming up, rather quickly, that I need to make, so my mind is somewhat occupied with that (and planning the bachelorette party for a good friend/ls's upcoming much PRESSURE!! lol).  I'm sure that I'm not destined to be a sinlge lady for the rest of my days (I hope!) and I'm not trying to rush him who is not ready, but can I at least a drop of water in the Outback?  I mean, my dating life has gone from feast to famine in the past couple of months. **crosses fingers** wishful thinking!

Anyway, have a very happy (and safe) 4th of July weekend!

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