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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


If you don't know me, one important thing that you should know is that I love music.  I can find a song that will describe what ever situation that I'm going through perfectly.  Sometimes I'll have my iPod in my back pocket and I'll do something that will turn it on and it'll start to play a song while I carry on with my life.  Lol  I shared that bit of information because it's happened again!  I heard a song that describes a lot of the posts that I've written and the post that I'm going to share today.  I was browsing my Twitter timeline when I learned that Beyonce has a new song out.  Now, I'm not really a Beyonce fan but I do like (and can relate) to some of her music (more of the "Me, Myself, and I", "Scared of Lonely", "Daddy" type and less of the "Video Phone", "Kitty Kat" type lol) Here's the song...

When I heard it, I could think of about 3 or 4 guys that this related to.  One of which decided to contact me yesterday...out of the blue!  If you've been reading for a while then you will know him as "The Bull", if you're new to my random ramblings then catch up by reading The More Things Change.  He ended up being "The Best Thing I Never Had." 

This is what happened: I was leaving the office to go teach myself how to put together a watering system install a watering system at one of our projects when I saw that I have a Gmail message with the subject "Hey....." and The Bull's name as the sender.  I open the email and had to bust out laughing.  The relationship (and I use the term relationship VERY was more like an interaction) between Bull & I did not end on a positive note.  In fact, I believe it ended with him telling me that he sees why black men turn to white women and me telling him not to contact me until he found his God-given sense.  Well...I guess he found it because he sure did contact me.  The communication was pretty basic.  He started off sending an email (I'm guessing to test the waters) with the ususal "What's going on?" and I just answered as truthfully as possible.  That I've been great...I went to Brazil for 2 weeks, and my I haven't skipped a beat on enjoying life.  Then he got a little comfortable moved to texting and apologized for the things that he said in the past and asked if we could meet up.  I accepted his apology and asked why he contacted me (like I didn't already know) and he said he thought of me out of the blue (womp, womp, womp...I think that he knew that he acted a donkey when he did it and is now trying for a comeback...story of my life).  Anyway, he again asked me if I was interested in hanging out with him again and I just answered that we could be cool.  From there he said (in his exact words) "Your tough" PAUSE uhh...what exactly did he expect?  For me to say oh I know that you acted a dang fool on the phone, you disappeared for weeks at a time, you were pretty much a donkey, but that's ok because you've apologized and you're ready to move forward?  Although I can (and have) forgiven him of what happened 5 months ago, I'm not Boo-Boo-the-Fool.  I told him exactly what I'm available to offer...coolness.  It's not a friendship, it's not "talking", it's not a's just communicating whenever time permits and an occassional outing.  Right now...I can't do any more for him.  Anyway, I just responded that I was just being me and he took that as an opening to call me.  The phone conversation was going to interupt my study session so I decided not to answer and I returned his call on my way home from VBS.  He didn't answer and I didn't care. Lol

Bright Side:  If last year's me was looking at the right now me she wouldn't recognize RR.  I am becoming a woman of my word (in dealing with the opposite sex) and it feels really good. 


  1. So Ms. Random Rambler why even be cool with him when it’s obvious that he only wants to do the horizontal tango? If he ever wants more he will show you that he wants more...Sounds like he is still in his quest and conquer stage in life (something I think every man should and will go through) and he thinks of you as the one that he was not able to cross off his list. So when he comes across something that reminds him of you he texts or emails, probably forgetting what happened in the past, all he remembers is your physical assets and that he didn’t get to dance with you.....I hope I didn’t say too much, don’t want to give away "the game"

  2. Good point...very good point! I thought I was doing a good job keeping him at arms length. I figured that since my mind was made up, his motives weren't even relevant and we could hang out on my slower days. Now I'll have to rethink if its even worth the (possible) headache.

    Thanks for the insight!

  3. After reading the othrr post and this post I agree with Anon. Why even be cool with The Bull. I strongly believe in when a person shows you who they are believe them! No more chances he has had enough and has demonstrated unworthy to be your friend or worthy of ur unlimited minutes or texts. Thats just my opinion though!

  4. Thanks Jennifer! After reading Anonymous's comment I decided to let that ship sail. I'm not trying to bring any unnecessary headaches into my present or my future.


  5. I agree. He wants sex and that's just not "cool" dont offer coolness although I love your definition for it