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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A State of Confusion (Part II: The Man With A Thousand Questions)

Greetings!  Today has been a really good day so far...Whataburger was giving out free breakfast sandwiches, my boss has been out all afternoon, and suprisingly I had a pretty good lunch date.  Yep...I said it correctly, I actually enjoyed myself on my lunch date (that I didn't go on with myself lol).  I, in fact, went to lunch with a guy that my friend/line sister ambushed introduced me to at a friend's wedding on Memorial Day.  He's her husband's coworker. 

This is how the (short) story goes, I was at the table talking to some college friends when she walks (sprints) up to me and whispers in my ear "Here comes [my husband]'s coworker please don't be mad at me but I thought you would hit it off."  They do brief introductions and they go over to the other side of the room.  AMBUSH!!!!  Anyway, we talk for about 20-30 minutes (while they are looking at us from across the dance floor) and he gets my BB pin and we go out seperate ways.  The next day he texts and we speak briefly because it's Memorial Day and of course I have a tight schedule of activities planned.  Well...the next day he asked for my email so that we could communicate during the workday and I send it.  Umm...bad idea on my part.  He started sending these emails with like 5 questions per email for me to, in his words, "respond and reply with my own set of questions."  I entertain this for maybe 2 emails until it started to get really annoying.  I understand wanting to get to know someone, but there is NO way that you are going to learn everything about someone via email in such a short period of time.  Then one day I didn't answer an email, so he sent a text and when I didn't answer the text, he send a BBM (Blackberry Message).  Immediately I thought, "What did I get myself into?" 

It got to a point where I felt like I was being bombarded so i just sent an email stating the way I felt and he started to slow it down.  THANK GOODNESS!  After this, I started to become a little more receptive to the texts and emails.  We made a plan to go to lunch after church on Sunday, but due to the fact that my mother hijacked & kidnapped my stylist for majority of the morning, I didn't finish getting my hair done until late so we had to reschedule.  (yes, I gave a 2 hour notice to let him know...gotta practice what I preach!)  So, today was the day for the rescheduled lunch.

We met at a restaurant and I kept in mind the advice that my friend and my cousin gave me, "Just go and have fun...don't put anything on it, don't think too hard, just let go..." and that's what I did and guess what?  I actually enjoyed myself.  I allowed myself to open up (a little) and communicate.  We talked about current schedules, life plans, family, church, etc and it wasn't bad at all. Matter of fact, it wasn't anything like I thought it was going to be.  Because of everything that had happened in the beginning, I had already (kinda) written him into a (maybe) friend (more like associate) category.  But, now I don't see it as anything but a refreshing lunch date.  He opened doors, pulled out chairs, blessed the food, WASHED HIS HANDS BEFORE HE ATE, helped me out of my chair, AND paid for the food without his card being declined (lol...I had to throw that in there). 

Do I feel like he's "The One"?  Nope, but it doesn't matter because that's not why I was there and that's not what I was looking for.  For the first time, in a long time, I didn't go looking for anything...I was there to get to know another person and have a good time and it feels pretty darn good! 

Bright Side:  It actually re-charged my dating battery.  If nothing comes of it, so what!  At least now I know that it is possible to have a pleasant dating experience.  Maybe I should've listened to them earlier lol


  1. That is fabulous! You FINALLY listened to me, LOL! And paying without the card being declined...HILARIOUS!!! I almost forgot about that poor guy (yes, pun intended)! :)

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!! That is all we asked! So glad you enjoyed yourself. Just have fun and THEN see what hapens.

  3. LOL...I love how you got ambushed! Great advice that your friends gave you.

  4. lol... WOW! pat on the back for FINALLY listening to your Friend & Cousin!!! I am curious to see what comes of it!? I mean... still not thinking too much and looking for too much too soon that is.. .Oh and looks like the ambush may have worked in your favor ha ha

  5. Not an ambush, simply an opportunity. I'm glad you had a pleasant experience.

  6. Yes, it was a pleasant experience and I will make sure to keep the same advice in mind when I go on other dates.