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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Double Stuff...

Before I begin my post for today, I have to send a shout-out to my friends at Cupids Cousin for hosting a wonderful event last night!  I got there a little (a lot) early because I had to leave to go to dinner, but I wanted to make sure that I supported them and their efforts to decrease the number of young, professional, single men and women in the Houston area. 

Cupids Cousin partners: Angela Jones & Jasmine Boone

The concept of this event was that everyone would receive a card with LOVE on one side and WAR on the other.  When someone walks up to you they will ask "Love or War?"  If you answer "LOVE", they would ask you a "safe" question, but if you answered "WAR", you would get a more controversial question.  I love going to their events because their concepts are so unique and that is very refreshing.  I even had the opportunity to try out my DJ skills (before the crowd arrived)...

I need a couple more lessons...but I looked cute practicing! lol

So after I left Love & War, I went to my friend's house for dinner.  After dinner (and after I convinced them to watch the NBA Finals game), I received a text message from someone who just doesn't understand when it's time to part ways.  This is the story: (get comfortable because this isn't a short story)

About a month and a half ago I went out with a guy.  Dinner and the conversation was nice but I think that we would just be better as friends.  Well after I got home from dinner, I started to get ready to call it a night when I started thinking of a few things that I needed to pick up from the store.  Suddenly, I got this burst of energy and decided to right then (it was about 10:30 at me crazy!) go to the store.  So I go and get what I need and I'm standing in line.  All of a sudden I see a guy move from the other lane to my lane (you know I was using my peripheral vision to try to see what he looked like lol).  Well the guy (lets call him Wally) gets my attention and we have a brief converstation (Wally wasn't unattractive so I entertained the conversation).  I leave out and go to my car and once I get situated, I start to pull out.  Just as I was pulling out to leave, Wally & his cousin walk out of the store and he gets my attention.  Wally & I exchange numbers and I go home to unload my groceries.  Wally texts me that night and we converse for a while and he seems like a cool person.  The only bad thing, so far, is that Wally lives in Dallas.  That is a no bueno!  I decide to just see where it goes.  Wally and I talk all day every day for about a week.  I'm really starting to feel Wally because we have a lot in common and he just seems like a really cool guy until...the "Double Stuff".  I told Wally from the start that I have a full time job and a part time job on top of other events and activities so my time is somewhat limited.  Well Wally will send me a text message and if I don't answer after 7-9 minutes, Wally will start sending "are you ignoring me" texts.  Then if I text Wally, he might not answer for maybe 7-8 hours and think it's fine...that's an issue for me.  I'm not the nagging type of female, I HATE to feel like I'm nagging someone but this was a reoccuring issue so I felt that I needed to say something.  If I call Wally, he won't answer the phone, but send a text that he's doing something, but I don't answer my phone then Wally starts calling & calling then send texts asking why I'm not answering my phone.  Matter of fact, I said something twice and everytime he was like "I understand and I won't do it again."    After about 3 weeks, Wally and I decide that we are going to meet in the middle of Houston & Dallas.  The day comes and Wally is like I might get off later than I expected so I will let you know at 1p what's going on.  1pm comes & goes, 2 pm comes & goes, by the time 3pm gets here I just decide to go on with my afternoon.  Wally doesn't decide to contact me until close to 5pm.  And what does he do?  He calls and when I don't answer he goes on a texting frenzy.  Wally asks me to come to Dallas to come see him?  HA HA NINJA NO! Life doesn't work like that. When I finally decide to respond, he says that he's just going to come the next weekend to Houston.  By this time I have a real nonchalant "whatever" attitude because I know that something will come up.  The weekend approaches and I ask Wally if he's still coming to Houston and he starts with the excuses...then he gets mad at me for not offering to come there to see him.  Now, when Wally and I first started communicating, I told him that I'm not chasing after any man.  I also told Wally that I was hosting my sister's birthday party that weekend and that I was going to be unavailable until about 7p or 8p...he conveniently forgot. 

I guess you can say that the straw that broke the camel's back is when he text me the night of the birthday party.  He asked me what I was doing and I responded that I was at home watching a movie.  His next question was if I was watching it with a man.  Now, me having the smart mouth that I have and remembering that I told him that this is not a relationship and that we are open & free to date whomever we please, I told him that I was too tired to entertain.  Wally didn't like that answer so his next question was if I wasn't too tired, would I be entertaining a man and my response was yes, if I want to entertain a man at my apartment then yes I would be.  Wally really didn't like the answer to that question so he ended the conversation abruptly.  I wasn't phased so I turned around and went to sleep.  The next day I sent Wally a text and he didn't answer so I sent "THAT" text to him a little later.  By "THAT" text, I mean the text (that should really be a phone conversation) that says that it's just not going to work out so it's better to just move around.  Well, Wally didn't respond so I just thought he was either fine with it or was avoiding contact because his ego was bruised.  Yeah right!  On Monday I get a call from Wally just shooting the breeze.  He fixes his mouth to say "I lost my phone so I had to get a new one.  I bet you were blowing up my phone, huh?" I had to laugh a little because I've never blown up his phone before, why would I start now?  Was he that delirious?  I just respond no. I asked him if he received my text message and he said no and rushed me off the phone.  That's cool with me...I just went down my Blackberry screen to find the original text and hit resend.  Again, I don't hear anything from Wally until...last night.  Wally sends me a text saying that he misses me and just needs to see me and asks me to come to Dallas. what world does " was good meeting you but I can't do this. I hope that you find what you are looking for..." translate to I want you to extend an offer for me to come to Dallas...again?  So I politely resend the message (for the THIRD time) and he responds that he's not trying here that and asks me to come again.  I'm just frustrated by this time so I call to tell him and after I tell him that it's just not going to work out, he hangs up the phone on me.  I thought that was the funniest thing ever!  I'm halfway expecting to get a text or a phone call this weekend?

Bright Side: I'm glad that I got out after a month & a half instead of earlier.  No telling how he would have reacted if we were months in...

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