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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Greeting and Salutations!  I have to admit that I am quite smitten with a certain young man that I see on a regular basis.  It's the guy that signed me up at the gym.  He's very handsome and seems to be a nice guy...when we communicate.  Every so often he will ask me about certain aspects of my life, but that will be the extent of the conversation.  We'll call him Brad instead of what I usually call him...(which is my boo, future babydaddy, or something to that effect lol)

I shared my interest with my workout buddy and she decided to inflict a bit of payback one day as we were walking out of our class. (You see...I kinda fronted her while we were out of town...accidentally!)  She decided to pay me back by going up to Brad.  As soon as she announced to me what she was going to do (and that no matter how hard I contested it, she was still going to do it), I made a B-line into the Kid's Club to not have to suffer through the humiliation.  So, she goes up to Brad and asks him about his romantic status...for me.  She then came into the Kid's Club with her report.  Even though I was thoroughly embarrassed that she did it (especially since he kept standing outside of the door watching us for a bit), it was equally good and disappointing to know that he is currently "involved".  I know...bummer, right?!

Well that brings me to Monday.  My little cousin decided to get on the #SummertimeFine train and expressed an interest in joining our workout group.  So I told Brad that she was coming and to hook her up.  She gets there while I'm in class and by the time my class is over, I have an earful of information (that she had to repeat the next day).  So...apparently I'm being watched.  From her story of how Brad confessed that he is aware of my workout schedule (and a few other comments that he made), we came to the conclusion that Brad might be a tad bit smitten with me as well.  Now...I'm not one to break up happy homes (or even unhappy homes), so I'm just going to chill on the knowledge.  Brad and his boo could have parted ways or Brad could just be acting like a man.  Either way...until he comes forward with any type of information then I guess I won't know.  **snaps fingers** oh well...

Bright Side:  Regardless of Brad's relationship status or thoughts/feeling about me, I'm really enjoying going to the gym.  I feel healthier and am elated about the 7.5 lbs that I've shed since I've been going!  It's nice to see that hard work pays off...and it's even nicer to have a little eye candy while I'm walking into the gym.  Work Hard, Play Harder!

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