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Friday, April 13, 2012

One For The Road

So I know that I was supposed to post last week...but that ain't happen. Lol I do have a few minutes of freedom now so I felt the need to share... for my brother's birthday last month we went out to a new spot [for me].  I haven't been out to a lounge/club in a while because that's not really my scene anymore.  I don't mind hanging out there once in a while, but the every day of the week partying in the club was left in year 26. 

While I was trying to convince my brother that he'd had enough libations for the evening, I noticed a tall, dark, and very handsome man across the walkway from us.  I didn't say anything in the beginning because I like to sit back and observe for a bit.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do too much observing because the clock was creeping on 12:30 am and it was getting mighty close to my bedtime.  We moved to another area of the spot and my yawns started coming on closer and closer so I knew it was time for me to head to the door.  When I finally convinced myself to throw caution to the wind and approach the guy, he was gone.  Now I figured that he hadn't left altogether (since his friend was still standing at the bar), but he was out of my line of sight.  Oh well...guess it wasn't meant to be! 

As I drove home, I kept thinking to myself "what if?" and my imagination got the best of me so I picked up the phone and let my fingers do the walking.  I reached into my 15 year old bag of tricks and had my brother's girlfriend handle the situation for me.  She passed on my information and I let that be.  (I do not suggest anyone taking that course of action because it saves a lot of questions and confusion to just do it yourself)  About a week later I received a text message from the guy.  We went through the usual introductions but then I realized that I didn't ask him if he was involved.  Conversation went a little like this:

RR:  "So I don't think I asked you if you were involved.  I would hate to interfere."

Midtown:  "I am, but I don't mind if you interfere"

RR: *blank stare*  "Umm...I'm sure that your wife/girlfriend would mind, so it was nice meeting you and enjoy the day"

MT:  "Girlfriend and you enjoy your day too"

Really?  I appreciate the honesty upfront, but did he really think that I was going to be cool with 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, 5th) place?  I don't know how other females do it, but I'm too selfish to share and I wouldn't want to do that to another female and I know how it feels to be the one thinking that your relationship is gravy and there's another woman there.   

Bright Side:  Like I said, I appreciate the honesty.  He could've said no and I could've ended up in a very bad situation.  Good blogging for you...bad times for me.  Anyway, enjoy your weekend and be safe!

If you're in Houston, come out to the Open Armz of Hope poetry reading on Sunday, April 15th at Fox Hollow (4617 Nett Street, Houston, Texas) from 3p - 6p.  There's no cover charge, but they are asking for a $5 donation (all proceeds from this event will go to Open Armz of Hope, a non-profit organization)

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