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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Potential and Possibilities...

I know that I've been pretty MIA, but life has been super busy.  This hasn't stopped my dating life, but it's hard to stop myself and make myself chronicle this journey.  Life still hasn't slowed down, but I have so many updates, stories, and experiences that my mind is about to bust!  Let's start with an update on the Rick Chronicles.

I believe that the last thing that I blogged about was Rick approaching me again and that things were going better.  Well I can sum this post up pretty quickly...Rick is outta there! For about a month or so Rick and I were communicating pretty regularly.  Now, the only time that I'd really see Rick was when we passed each other in the tunnel or on the rare occasion that he'd ask me to lunch.  He did attend an event that I was planning, but we still hadn't been on an actual date.  Personally, I didnt think that this was normal (or ok), but my love guru friend told me to chill out and just ride the wave. Well I tried not to overthink things too much but it got to a point where I really felt like I was wasting my time.

One day I saw Rick in the tunnel and motioned for him to come by my table so that I could deliver the news that it just wasn't going to work out.  (Side Bar: After speaking with some friends about the situation, they thought that it wasn't necessary for me to have that conversation, but I like to be on the same page with ppl.  I try to extend the same courtesy to others as I would like for them to extend to me.). He came by the table and looked pretty hurt when I delivered the news that I would rather that we just be friends.  A few days later we ended up having a conversation about everything and we started communicating again.  Fast Forward to later in the month.  Rick asked me to lunch and while he walked me back to my office, we were talking about a retreat that I was attending that weekend.  That night, Rick and I were supposed to hang out after work.  I went by my cousin's house to hang out with her and her new baby and it started to get late.  I called Rick to see what was going on and he didn't answer.  I waited at my cousin's home a little bit longer and I still hadn't heard anything from him.  When I'd finally decided to leave her house and head home, Rick calls and gives me some lame excuse about how he'd forgotten his phone at home while he was at the gym and that he'd make it up to me when I made it back from my retreat.  **super side eye**

On the Saturday of my retreat, I sent Rick a "Good Luck" text because he was running his first 5K.  Usually he responds pretty quickly, but this time he didn't respond until later that evening.  While I was scrolling down the pages of my Instagram page, what do I see?  It's a photo collage of Rick with his family and hugged up with a female.  Now, I don't see many of my guy friends hugged up with a female at a family event unless that female is someone that they're "with" AND these weren't just group pictures but pictures with couples (I.e. Mom and Dad, Aunt and Uncle, Him and Female, etc.). Oh really?  I get back on Sunday and Rick has an attitude and cancels the plan (I saw that coming), Monday - same attitude.  The next Sunday pops up a picture of him and the same girl and another couple at the Texans game. Needless to say...Rick is deleted.

Fast Forward to a few weeks later and I'm at the Rockets game, enjoying my time with my aunt.  My phone rings and I answer.  Why is Rick calling me and asking me where I'm sitting?  Then he asks if I'm here with a guy. that how we're going to play this?  So I politely explain that he has no right or reason to ask me that, especially in light of his recent IG posts.  So then he says that he was just checking up on me.  I extra-politely let him know that he doesn't have to do that and then I believe that I hung up the phone.  I'm sure that I could've handled that a lot more maturely but I was in the moment and extremely insulted. Insulted that this man had the audacity to "check-in" on me like I was supposed to be good with him after he treated me like...dung.  No sir, I'm good!

Bright Side: I conducted a small investigation and found out that the girl was/is his girlfriend from college.  Did that make me feel better about the situation? Nope, it didn' actually made me feel a little worse.  Anywho, I got over it and I'm a little stronger for it.  With Rick, I learned that it's ok to let your guard down a bit.  I can admit my faults and say that when things weren't going the way that I felt that they should have been going, I didn't hesitate to make that known.  Instead of being so caught up in the potential and possibilities of Me and Rick, I should've paid more attention to reality and his actions.  Work in Progress.

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