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Monday, November 28, 2011

"Up In The Air..."

Okay, so during my brief hiatus I was able to squeeze in some blog-worthy fun in.  It all started one day when I met 2 of my friends for lunch.  We started talking about the blog that I had just posted and the subject turned to me, my "must-haves", and what went wrong with the guy that I that I posted about.  After listing my short (but very manageable) list, Jen decided that she and Ashlee were going to set up a dating reality show style intervention on me. 

After lunch, Jennifer de-friended me on FB (so that I couldn't start searching for who he might be and he couldn't search for me) and started the process.  To my surprise, she came up with someone for me to go out with.  (Now, I'm a bit of a control freak so I had Jen move the date up from the Sunday after next to the upcoming Sunday).  Well, everything was set logistically so now I had to go through a wardrobe and pre-date intervention. Lol  I pretty much knew what I wanted to wear, but it had to be "approved" by the executive directors of this program. Lol So my top and bottom were approved, but my shoes were veto-d (who knew that wearing a pair of nice, fashion-forward, sky high booties conveyed a "come and get it" vibe?  Not me!).  After pulling out about 5 pair of heels, we got it figured out.  So after we found my perfect outfit, I had to practice my "sexy walk" (even though I was already going to be seated at the table when he arrived).    That was a major #FAIL!  I'm too silly to really be able to practice anything like that.  And even if I did come up with something "acceptable" then, it would not be executed in the same manner. Lol

During the "mock date", I couldn't keep a straight face either.  Ashlee and Jenn kept trying to mimic the mannerisms of a male, but it just made me laugh even harder.  We went through the basic questions and how I would normally respond vs. a more polite way to respond.  I usually try to put a positive, bright side spin on my words but it doesn't always help.  It was a fun Saturday and I felt pretty ready to meet this guy on Sunday.

Bright Side:  It's so much better to go through this process with people who genuinely care about your happiness and well being.  I'm so blessed to have great friends, great family, and great friends who become family/family who becomes friends!  I'll let you know how Sunday went later! 

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