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Friday, November 4, 2011

Random's Room

Ahh! I have a confession to make...LinkedIn got me caught up!  (Actually, I did it to myself and I just used LinkedIn)  So, I came across the name of the company that an old-friend of mine (translation: someone that I used to talk to) works for.  It instantly reminded me of how he was a pretty good guy.  He was nice, educated, CUTE, he did use "conversate" (omg that makes my flesh crawl!  I absolutely HATE that phrase...not on topic, but I really wanted to slap Jackie for saying "conversating" on Monday's episode of BBW: LA...trying to be all proper saying "conversating"! Ugh) but that wasn't a deal breaker...anymore. So, I looked up his name on LinkedIn and he appears!  I send the invite, and he accepts.  I talk to a friend of mine because I wasn't sure what to say?  I can't just randomly send someone that I hadn't spoken to in 3 years a LinkedIn invite and not follow up with something...right?  I mean, I could but I was trying to see if I could rekindle something...  She gives me a good intro that I send (in my own words of course) and a couple of hours later, he responds with a "Good reconnecting with you too".  Ahh yes!  The glimmer of hope!  So, I ask what he's been up to...then I get a "Oh, nothing me and my wife are getting ready to have our first child..." (I don't know what else it said after that because I needed an air pump to re-inflate my face).  But what did I really expect?  It has been about 3 years since I last spoke to the man!  He is allowed to have his own life and he obviously has been living it.  What can I say?Bright Side:  Just another reason why it wasn't meant to be!  Lol Idk I knew better, but I still wanted to see what would happen.  Well...lesson learned!  No more looking backward, gotta keep my focus (and my actions) focused on what's ahead!

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