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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


What up?  I'm back with a story (or two) to tell.  Okay so remember a couple of weeks ago I told you that I signed back up with a dating site?  Well, I have since deactivated the account...again.  I don't know if I did it for the lack of requests or messages that I could actually take seriously or because it wasn't any more comfortable/meaningful than meeting communicating with random men in person.  I don't knock anyone for trying it, but I now know (without a shadow of a doubt) that online dating is just not for me.  But, I did get some blog-worthy material from it.  Gotta little story to tell...wanna hear it?  Here it go...

Okay so there was one guy on the site who viewed my profile, but didn't send a message.  I thought he was attractive (online) so I decided to reach out to him.  We messaged back and forth and ended up exchanging numbers.  After a text conversation, I asked where he lived and he replied the exact same intersection to where I live.  FREAKY! So, I asked if it was a particular complex and he said yes...and followed up with a phone call.  So, it turns out that we live in the same complex and I've seen him before.  Matter of fact, the Saturday before we parked right in front of each other and he saw me, but I was so tired and zoned out that I didn't pay him any attention.  So, we met up later that night and he didn't quite look the way he did on the picture.  It wasn't like he used someone else's picture (because when he moved his head in certain directions, I could see the resemblance), but it wasn't him.  His picture was more like younger Brian McKnight, but in reality he was like a distant cousin twice removed on his mother's get my drift?  But, I decided to roll with it since he could turn out to be a good guy...and I was right (that night).  We watched the game and had a  pretty good conversation.

That next Sunday, he came by to say what's up and he asked me to come to his basketball game.  Now, it was pouring down raining outside, but I was like cool, I'll roll with you.  He was like cool and he left to go change.  After I changed clothes I shot him over an "I'm ready" text and he hit me back with a "I already left".  Umm...excuse me?  YOU asked ME to come to your game, told me that it was cool that I ride with you, THEN YOU LEFT ME?  I let it ride and was like cool.  Fast Forward to that next Wednesday.  He had been sending me texts about being sick, so I was like I have some tea and honey you can have.  He was like "I'm on my way into the garage, so you mind if I come pick it up and go back home to rest?"  I was like "That's cool...I was actually going to bring it upstairs so you don't even have to come down here."  He hit me with a "Just parked.", so I waited a couple of minutes, then took the tea upstairs.  I knock on the door and a chick opens the door.  I ask if Damon is there and she's like "No, he's not here."  Okay cool...I go back home.  I didn't text Damon or call, I just went back home.  About 5 mins later, there's a knock on my door and it's who?  Yep...Damon.  I casually told him that I tried to take it upstairs but the chick who answered said that he wasn't there.  He didn't even flinch as he asked me for a hug and I politely closed the door in his face...softly.  About 20 mins later I get a missed call (I looked at my phone when it was ringing and decided not to answer), then a series of texts saying that she was an old friend who he never had sex with who decided to come take care of him because he was sick and he kicked her out because she answered his door.  (yes, I know that was a run on...this piece is probably filled with grammatical errors!)  I wasn't angry.  To be honest, I wasn't even phased.  I just responded "It is what it is" and that sent him off.  He was like "I'm trying to apologize and you're acting nonchalant!" (Pause: How am I supposed to act?  Am I supposed to go into psycho-girl mode?  No thank you!  My grandmother always taught me "Don't Give Them The Satisfaction!")  Well, my calm demeanor wasn't what he wanted so he decided to try to keep the fire going...I decided to go to sleep.  Needless to say I received a number of texts about how he missed me (sir, you don't know me) and such.  I finally responded that I wasn't mad.  We were just friends (hanging out) so there's no need for all of that "Are we going to be anything?" or "Should I just give up on us?"  (His words, not mine)

Frankly, I was really quite turned off with the inconsiderate action of leaving me and then texting me about it later, and I was just numb to any feelings when the chick answered the door and he waited 20 mins to respond instead of when I gave him the opportunity at my door.  I don't have time for games and I would rather let it go now then wonder why I didn't leave it alone years down the line. 

Bright Side: I'm growing...paying attention to the signs when they are thrown instead of ignoring them.  **pats self on back and gives myself a hug**


  1. it takes many girls forever to learn what you learned after a few interactions with him.

  2. I know...I used to be one of them. I've tried to take at least one thing away from each one of my "dating disasters", and the most important thing is to PAY ATTENTION TO THE RED FLAGS!