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Friday, September 2, 2011

One, Two, Three Strikes...

So, i'm sitting here at the Astros game with the homies when it dawns on me that not only have I not posted this week, but I haven't given an update on my quest for "Something New". (Note: Im posting from a tablet so don't judge me for my errors...even if it has spellcheck! Lol) As much as I would love to report that he and I are going strong, I cannot. Matter-of-fact, we didn't go anywhere. The weekend that we were supposed to go to Wild West, he called to reschedule because he had to babysit his sitter. Now, I have a 9 year old sister, so I can definitely understand having to step in as a "ram in the bush" (search your Bible for the story of Abraham and Isaac on top of the mountain) So he was really interested in rescheduling, so we decided that we would go to dinner that Tuesday before I left for DC. That was perfectly fine wi me since I preferred to meet 1 on 1 so I could get to know him a little better. He said that he would call on Sunday and let me know time, place, etc. Well...Sunday came and went and nothing. Tuesday came and went and still nothing. I text but no response. Oh well...he's outta there! Crazy part is about 2 days later he sent me a Facebook friend message with an apology or an explanation. Just a freaking friend request. So yeah! Bright Side: (not that I needed the confirmation but...) Now I know that ignorance knows no color. This didn't turn me off to dating outside my race, but it was another disappointment. All of these disappointments are going to make me go back into dating hibernation because someone has definitely but some bad juju in my dating life. least I have this thesis to keep me warm at night... Have a great Labor Day weekend! Be safe!


  1. Don't worry, as cliche as this sounds the right one is out there for you.
    I am in the same boat as you so I totally understand the frustration but don't give up.

  2. Thanks! It gets a little frustrating, but I'm trying to "keep hope alive"! lol