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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Cleaning - Facebook

I don't know if I told y'all this, but I joined in February...and cancelled my subscription in March. lol While I was on there, there were a couple of guys that caught my eye (both by their picture and their bio). One guy in particular I sent a message and we went back and forth one day and I didn't hear from him again until almost 3 weeks later. He sent me a message saying that he doesn't regularly check his account, so he asked me if I had FB. I said yes and he sent me a friend request. We had a few people in common (and I checked with 2 trusted sources about him...good reviews). We communicated once after I accepted his friend request and that was it. He didn't message anything else so I didn't either. I did, however, delete his friendship because I didn't see a purpose for having a connection that wasn't going to be used. Before, I deleted the friendship, I did send a message saying Happy Birthday but I think I deleted the profile the day after. I know some people might feel that it was a hasty decision, but I'm in the process of deleting people that I really don't know and don't have an interest in getting to know from my page anyway...and he happens to be in that category now. Obviously, he either didn't like the other pictures that were posted on my page, or he just isn't interested and that's fine. I'm not for everybody.

About a week after I deleted his friendship he sent me a message saying thanks for the birthday wishes and another friend request. So then I'm thinking maybe he was just busy with was his birthday week. So I sent a message saying "So...." and responded with "So...? You wished me happy birthday and I was saying thanks" and I responded "as in how was your birthday?"...flatline, no response. Oh well!

Bright Side: I don't know if there is one tell me if you see one.

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