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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

**Updated** Am I being too critical?

No, this is not a figment of your imagination! I'm actually writing a post on time! Yay for me! Anyway, not too long ago the accountant that works in our office was telling me about the guys that she was meeting on a new online dating site; some of them horror stories and some not that bad.  After my dilemma with the other site ("Vetta Says I Told You So"), I was a little hesitant to try it. But since [I'm trying to be] a little more open, I decided to give online dating another try. Surprisingly after I created and submitted my profile, I had a couple of hits and a full inbox and the messages keep rolling in. (I also saw someone that I knew viewed my about one of my worst fears coming to life.)

Now, I'm pretty careful about what type of information that I put on websites, both for safety and for fear of coming across unintelligent. I know what I think when I read headlines that say "flyer than the rest" or "Im Tx best kept secret" (y'all this man was wearing a 3 piece WHITE suit with a powder blue hat! I know why Texas keeps him a secret!) I also know that sometimes I can be a little critical, but I feel that on an online dating site you have to put your best foot forward because you only have one first impression. For instance, I typically won't send someone a message (I have to really like the picture, the description, and how they've answered the questions) and I understand that it's sometimes hard to make the first move, but I think that some of these men need proofreaders. It's not like you are walking up to someone and you are so nervous that the words just come out all wrong. Online you have the ability to read and re-read (or allow someone else to proofread) your message before you hit the send button. So am I in the wrong for having high expectations? Let me give you an example of the message that I received this morning: "Hey what's up I saw you had looked at my page and I wanted to say hi hope to here back from you" I just received an email from the site saying that I had a new message and this is the foolishness that was sent:

"how are you doing cutie. my name is [name deleted to protect those who don't believe in spellcheck]. was just browsing through..and your page caught my attention. i think you are cute and you you are more responsible and decnet.i think you are really cute,..even though i dont have the opportunity to chat with you right now but..i have the opportunity to write you. it wil be my pleasure to get to..know you if you dont mind. i am from the islands and you pretty much..look like one of us. wouldu you mind if we exchange numbers and get to each other more?pls reply my message and i hope i talk to upi sooon" 

or this one:

"hey baby gurl, you are beautiful, if u jus gav me a chance, ill b yo guardian angel, for you ill bring you the moon, ill b the man you never had and the one you always wanted, an all you hav to do is wake up in the morning an ill take it frm there.. i realy hope to hear frm you soon, when prayers go up blessing come down, i jus hope you catch the one thats being given to you right now.. :)i really do think you are very beautifull, and very..."
I don't know...maybe I'm being a little too critical.

Bright Side: My other messages haven't been too bad. If nothing else comes from this experience, at least I'll have new material for you! Lol

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  1. Girl.... They really could use spell check and no I don't think you are being too critical. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.... Angie