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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Fall Down...

Greetings Brightsiders!

Last week was a very interesting week. By the end of my Valentine's Day night, I was feeling pretty good. My little brother and I spent some much needed time together, and we had a great night at the game. I also must brag on my (imaginary blood) brother, Joe. He is one of the best brother's EVER! He sent me flowers on Valentine's Day to shut me up about never having a Valentine. (LOL!) So, Valentine's Day ended up being a good day, but the interesting part of the week came on Friday. So...I'd been wanting to get out and do something (else) all week. When my LS had to cancel on me Friday, I immediately called up my neo's (Let's call them T & G) to see what they were getting into that night. We decided to meet up at a restaurant that I've been trying to get to for weeks now (SCORE!). We're sitting in the lounge/bar area waiting for our table when we see a few guys walk in together that were VERY easy on the eye. They go to the bar area and not too long after they find their party, it's time for us to be seated at our table. We get to our table and I'm in perfect view of the cuter of the 3 guys. (SCORE 2 for me!) We're sitting and chatting, then we somehow get on the subject of sending guys drinks. Well T shares that she's sent a guy a drink before and it wasn't a horrible experience. Now, this is COMPLETELY out of character for me because that's a complete switch in roles. Approaching a guy is one thing, but sending him a drink (or any comparable gesture) is a very bold move. So over the next couple of minutes, I'm going back and forth (in my mind) about whether I'm going to grow some juevos and do it or if I'm going to pass. I decide what the heck? So, I call over our waitress and she does the initial check (wedding band - no and drink of choice). Everything comes out positive so here we go...

The waitress takes the drink and immediately comes to our table to give an update. She said that he was blushing very hard and he would be over to say thank you in a few. About 10 minutes pass and T & G are looking behind me with strange looks on their faces. I turn around and a guy (who I did not send the drink to) was walking up to our table.! Turns out that the guy's friend came to the table to do preliminary introductions (GTFreakOH)! Who does that? So he asks me my name and tells me that his friend is shy (cue The Five Heartbeats "Shy Brother" segment). Then he says that his friend would really like to meet me and that I should come to their table. (Uhh...why are we sending our friends to handle our business?) But against my first thought I go to the table. I mean...I've already come this far, right? I get to the table and the guy can barely speak because he's so nervous. Now, the other people at the table are going on about their business except for one girl who's giving me some serious side-eye action. We do personal introductions and he then explains that he has a girlfriend, but he appreciates the gesture and he offers to buy me a drink (which I respectfully decline). Wait...STOP...REWIND! You have a girlfriend, but you sent your friend to insist that I come to your table to meet you? FAIL! So I do an about-face and return to my table deciding that this was the first AND LAST time that I will ever, ever do anything like that again. Well T explains that there is definitely a risk that you run when you make such a bold move and she's right. Well, we're leaving and I see a guy that I knew from my summer internship while I was in college. I was standing talking to him and I kid you not, the girl who was giving me that side-eye was almost standing in her chair watching me have this conversation. Mind you...the guy that I sent the drink to was sitting right next to her, so she couldn't have thought that I was trying to get at him on the sly. Idk.
 Bright Side: We Get Up! 

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