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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rollin' With The Homies...

Since deciding to (fully) embrace the single life, I've been wearing my friends out using my free time to hang out with the ladies...and the fellas.  For me, my friendships are one of the most important relationships to me (next to my relationship with God and my family).  I'm not going to say not being in a relationship doesn't sometimes get lonely, but I've chosen to dwell on the people who are in my life and nurture those relationships and let the other pieces fall as they may. 

 (red velvet decorations courtesy of Andie's Candies Sweets & Treats)
For example, one day my sisters and I decided to get together and have a cupcake baking party (if you haven't been following Sprinkles Cupcakes on Twitter, you need to do yesterday!  They give away free cupcakes daily and sometimes they throw free cupcake mix in there!). We had a good time baking Sprinkles Chocolate Peppermint cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes!  We talked, baked, decorated, and just really enjoyed each other's company.  It was one of the best times that I've had just being at home. 

But I don't just have fun with my girlfriends; I also have lots of fun with my guyfriends too.  Since one of my best friend's is a guy that I went to high school with, a lot of the time when I randomly call to see what he's doing, he's hanging out with some other guys that we went to high school with or his coworkers.  I then invite myself to whatever they are doing and I leave having a bunch of fun (because I can do that).  You see...they don't sensor themselves just because I'm there and I LOVE IT!!!  Just this past weekend I went by Marcus and Rudy's to hang out with them, Jose, Joeseph, Baley, Bryant and (even though I left for about 2 hours) ended up staying till about 2 am.  It's just a really good time hanging out, talking, and listening to their point of view.   And this isn't limited to just someone's house, I'm often the only girl when I'm hanging out with my Joe and his crew and I'm just as comfortable as if I was hanging out with the girls! 

For me, it's very important to have these kinds of relationships.  Even though some of them are in relationships and my life can get kind of hectic, we all seem to be able to make time for each talk, to laugh, to live, and just to be around each other. 

Bright Side: I can honestly say that everyone that I have surrounding me are the best people with the biggest hearts.  Whether they be in my squad or just people that I hang around with on occasion, if I ever needed them (or vice versa) I know that they have my back...and I have theirs.  Can't wait for the Just Dance 2/Zumba/MJ Experience party, Girls Night at the Rockets game, and many more events to come.  It feels like once I started to embrace my single-ness, I don't think about it as much anymore.

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  1. First and foremost, im upset we didnt get any of those cupcakes. That being said, glad you have a good time with us, and it works because we feel comfortable being ourselves around you so it doesnt interfere with standard operating procedures. Youre always welcomed, but you better have some cupcakes next time.

  2. so.. am i Joe... or Joeseph... I'm confused..

    and for the record your the downest (not a real word cause I'm getting the red squiggly) chick i know... probably why your my homie... that and you have some of the baddest friends, lol

  3. You actually came over Rudy and Marc's apt but I'll let you have it. But you are always welcome to come thru and share in our thought provoking convos. Those cupcakes are too tasty, and you are not to eat any without setting $3.50 aside for me.