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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Progress Report

Happy Wednesday!  Did y'all watch The Game last night?  We had a viewing party at my cousin's house and all I can say is that I wish I had a remote where I could fast forward to next Tuesday, because I want to see how Melanie is going to get out of this.  I love good tv! Now...that other show was okay.  Personally, I think that Erica Hubbard (the single one) is going to carry the show.  I couldn't stop laughing at her "Dead Baby Deer Dirty South Reeeeemix!" ("Dead Baby Deer what Dead Baby Deer)...still laughing now!

Anywho...I just wanted to fill y'all in on my progress.  I would like to think that I'm doing pretty well.  My Weight Watchers is going well (even though I used last week as a "practice" week...I officially started this Monday).  I keep thinking about the beaches of Brazil and going to my 10 year high school reunion in June (gotta be right for those awkward run-ins with the past: see Before I Self Destruct).  Other than my healthy living goal, I've been making an effort to spend more time with my siblings and my family...genuine quality time.  My little brother has his basketball game today and I'm really excited to see how well he does!  (Since there's a 14 year difference between us, I'm going to need him to take care of me when I'm old with that basketball contract! just jokes!) 

Love - Hmm...I debated whether or not to divulge this information but I can't keep a secret from y'all!  There is one guy that I dated in the past.  We only went out a few times (because I really wasn't ready for more then.  I thought I was...but I really wasn't.  Funny thing is that he wasn't either).  Needless to say it didn't go anywhere.  We would see each other in passing but that was about it.  I don't know how, but a few days before New Year's Day we started communicating and we've hung out a couple of times since.  Now that my eyes are open, I see that he's actually a really nice guy.  He's intelligent, funny, handsome, respectful, educated, etc.  But, in keeping with my goals for 2011, I'm taking it slow.  I'm just letting everything play out and see where it goes.  I kinda fear that if I don't make some sort of interest known, I'll be stuck in the friend zone, but if I do, things can start moving at a rate that I'm not ready for.  I've been single for 5, almost 6, years (yea...that's a LONG time!) and as much as I feel that I'm ready for a relationship, I'm scared to death of it.  So that's even more reason for me to make sure that things go at a comfortable pace (that and I don't even know if he's really even feeling me that way or as a homie).

So yeah...this is my progress.  I think that I'm moving along nicely (for it to just be the 12th day of the year...Baby Steps!)  How are you doing with sticking to your goals of 2011?

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