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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

(a really good friend of mine, and my unofficial publicist, reads my blog and gave me this frog as one of my Christmas presents.  You put the frog in water and in 72 hours, it turns into a prince!  It is too cute! I kissed it to see if it would turn one of these frogs into a prince. Lol)

To all of my followers and readers, I would just like to say thank you for reading, sharing & commenting, and refering my blog to others.  It has been an eventful 2010 and I look forward to a prosperous 2011.  A few of my sisters and I got together a few days before the new year and we discussed our resolutions.  One sister told me that it's better to put your resolutions in writing so that you can always go back to review them.  I figured that the best way for me to keep up with my resolutions through 2011 is to put them on here for the world to read...and hold me accountable.  So here goes...

  1. I'm single.  It's going to be like that until he comes so I might as well embrace it...FULLY!  I plan to take full advantage of this time.  I'm going to Brazil with my MPA class in May, but I have some other trips in the works.  I only have one life so I might as well live it up to the fullest.
  2. Save.  I have horrible spending habits and I'm not getting any younger, I opened up another account that I'm going to put my savings so that it's "outta sight, outta mind" when I go to my online banking site.
  3. Activity (as if my life isn't active enough)  I work in non-profit, but I rarely participate in any other community service outside of work.  I plan to give more of myself and make time to give to others.
  4. more thoughtless dating.  I'm not going out on a date with someone "just because" If I agree to go out with someone, it is because I am genuinely interested in them and I want to know more... If I want to get out, that's why I have my "J(A) Squad"
  5. Family & Friends.  I need to make more time to hangout with my family. period.  As far as friends, I've formed some lasting friendships over the past couple of years that are worth maintaining and I've formed some relationships with people who haven't been very productive...those need to be discontinued. 
  6. Health.  My eating habits are worse than my spending habits because I spend a lot of money on fast food and eating out...and it's beginning to show on my waistline (My metabolism isn't what it used to be).  In the New Year (like everyone else), I'm taking my health into my own hands.  I know that the consumption of too many fatty foods can lead to all kinds of health risks.  So on Monday, January 3rd I attend my first Weight Watchers meeting (my aunt decided that this would be the perfect Christmas present for me...go figure) steps!
That's it...I like to keep my resolutions short, simple, and attainable.  I hope that you all had a wonderful and safe new year and I wish you much love, happiness, and success in 2011!

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