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Friday, September 24, 2010

Detours and Roadblocks

So as many of you know (and have read), I've had my share of dating disasters but I haven't let it stop me. Last Saturday night I went to see Tyler Perry's stage play "Madea's Big Happy Family" with my family for my mother's birthday. The play was pretty good but close to the end of the show, Madea started speaking to the audience and she said something that really hit home for me. She said that the path to finding the right mate is like driving from point A to point B. While driving you come across various detours and road blocks but they don't stop you from making it to your final destination. Those detours and road blocks could be considered the dating disasters that you come across on the journey to "The One". When facing these obstacles, you have to keep moving and persevering; you can't let it break your stride because God has the person for you at the end of your journey. If you stop after a couple (or in my case a lot) of bad dates, then you might miss out on the love that you're in search of. I get really anxious at times to know who I'm going to be with or just to have that steady companionship (i.e. when I see EVERYONE around me boo'd up, weddings, holidays, when my friends can't go out because they have plans with their "significant others", etc.), but I (my friends) have to keep reminding myself that I'm probably not really ready for it yet. It's funny because a friend of mine and I were talking about why the guys that we think are so perfect for us never work out. [Personally, I think I jinx myself because every time I mention something about meeting a new guy or I bring him around my friends, it ends in less than a week (hmm...maybe I should stop talking about it...yea right! Like that's gonna happen. lol)]. But she said that she calls it the "Thank You Jesus" moments, because it always seems like when you see them later on in life you're just thankful that you dodged that bullet. lol At that time, you didn't realize that there was a higher power working on your behalf, but it's like they say "If I knew then what I know now..."

But, let's enjoy the time with ourselves, our friends, and our families and keep your mind and your heart open. And remember to always look to The Bright Side!


  1. Love love love!!! Esp the "if I knew then what I know now" part

  2. I honestly think that you are too much of a free spirit to be in a relationship right now... I know you always say that you are so busy because you don't have a boo, but realistically you would be bored to tears if you did have one.

  3. @word: I'm glad that you enjoyed...I needed it too!

    @Stones: You think so? I think that if I found someone who shares the same passion for life as me, then I wouldn't be bored to tears. We would both be out and about...sometimes together and sometimes seperate.

  4. Yeah I heard the same thing when i went to the show. I agree with you on the jinx thing. Haha i think my homegirl jinxes me. I'll tell her about a female...and my homegirl will get all happy and say "I'm rooting for her (whatever female i'm dating or went on a date with)...then needless to say...ish turns for the worse after those comments. *shrug*