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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who Should You Allow To Pursue You?

Greetings!  Okay so I had a very interesting topic to discuss today.  I'll give you a little bit of the background first.  My job is very, very lax.  My boss talks to me about different topics all of the time and one of them happens to be relationships.  I've said this before, but her husband has even tried (and is still trying) to hook me up.  I don't could turn out to be a love connection, a great blog post, or both!  But anyway, she and I have very different views on dating and the caliber of men that I should allow to pursue me.

I think we all have our idea of the "Ideal Man" that we want to be with.  Personally, I would prefer someone God-fearing, loving, taller than me, educated, intelligent (because being intelligent and educated are two very different things), attractive, protective (not overbearing), and just a genuinely good person.  I don't think that these things are too much to ask, but I can compromise on some of them too. 

I was working an event on Saturday and I saw some really nice "eye candy"(EC).  Normally at these events, all I see are old men and a bunch of kids but this EC was an unfamiliar face.  I inquired, one thing led to another, and we exchanged numbers.  Now, EC is a worker...he works with his hands and out in the sun and, 9 times out of 10, he doesn't have any education outside of the normal K-12.  For me, this isn't a deal breaker.  We haven't had the opportunity to converse but from the source that started the ball rolling, he is intelligent and has a good head on his shoulders.  I feel like I could be passing up the person who could really make me happy just because he doesn't fit my idea of an ideal match for me.  (Not saying that he will be the "end all, be all", but you never know what might happen.  He could be someone who treats me better than anyone with 4,5,6 degrees would ever treat me or he could be just as bad as them...everyone is different and you never know until you find out.) 

Now, my boss feels otherwise.  She feels like if you went through all of that hard work to attain your degrees that you should find someone who has done the same.  But she isn't the person who will be in the relationship.  She sees what's on the outside and I prefer to see what's on the inside.  Are you a hard worker?  How do you treat your mother?  As long as he isn't involved in any illegal activities or running around like a whore monger, why not see what he's talking about?  This should be a pretty interesting experience!  It kinda reminds me of the Monty/Julia relationship in "Daddy's Little Girls".

Bright Side:  This is the good part of being single...being able to visit the buffet and put whatever you want on your tray to find out if you like it or not.  We'll see what happens and you'll be the first to know!


  1. I agree with you!! You never know what is on the inside by just looking on the outside. Never judge a book by its cover!! It doesn’t hurt to see what he’s about and then decide if you want to continue to get to know him or not. Maybe he is going to school and doesn’t want to broadcast it until he finishes. Maybe he is working in his dream profession and is working up the ladder. You never know until you get to know him. Your dating go experiment! Like you said it could end in a good blog post, true love, or both. Have fun!! Like Julia you have to do what’s best for you and not let your friends/associates decide who you’re with.

  2. It's cool to give someone a chnace, i would say to just be careful. I tried to give the "regular" guy a chance and trust me some men get intimidated by women with a higher education. Now, not all men are this way however you have a few who just can't handle it and it causes issues in the relationship.
    Hope it works out well!