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Thursday, November 4, 2010

How soon is too soon?

I just have to get these thoughts out so forgive the randomness:

So I've been thinking a lot about soon is too soon to be "exclusive" with someone?  Although I made a pact (with you, my friends, and myself) to start to "Let Go & Let Flow" I'm still a VERY catious person who was always taught that poor preparation leads to poor performance...but can you apply that theory to dating and relationships?  When is it a good time to throw caution to the wind and go with the flow and when do you stop and start looking before you leap?  Is it something that my intuition will tell me is right or do I silence "Vetta" and stick with my nicely put together Joan (from Girlfriends) relationship plan?  What if I risk meeting the man who I'm supposed to be with because I'm in an exclusive dating relationship with someone else (that I didn't take the "normal" amount of time to get to know)?  But what if he turns out to be IT?  Stop...Breathe...Yep...I'm overthinking this again.  One of favorite quotes is from Hillary Stanton Zunin:
"The risk of love is loss, and the price of loss is grief -
But the pain of grief
Is only a shadow
When compared with the pain
Of never risking love"

I guess I should follow this advice and just see what happens...


  1. Interesting. I'd like to know what happens. Or do you ever know? I mean, you havta commit at some point right? If not, you're just jumping from person to person (at least potentially so) while waiting on some stroke of magic. What if the magic never comes? Commit & Develop I say ...But when? Lol, I don't know either.

  2. Listen to Toucan Sam and follow your nose... I mean heart. :)