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Monday, November 22, 2010

Can We Get It Together?

I know, I've been out of commission for a little bit, but I've had events for work, wrapping up my first semester of grad school, then trying to squeeze a little fun.  But I'm back...with a story (or two) to tell. 

So last week while I was on facebook working, I got a fb chat message from my cousin.  I was thinking that she was going to tell me something crazy that my little brother said, but NO! She tells me that this grown tail man came by her desk and asked her to give him my number. Pause...really?  Do grown men really go up to someone's cousin and demand for someone else's number?  So she was sending me this message to ask me if I would mind. Uhh...yes!  This man has talked to me a number of times at work AND has seen me when I've attended various city events with his department.  Why is he asking for my number through my cousin and not asking me directly?  I told her not to give him anything, I didn't want to get his number, and don't even let him know that she talked to me.  I told her to just tell him that he should approach me the next time he sees me. Then I asked (I just had to know) how old he was.  She said 35 (yes THREE-FIVE)!  Why is a 35 year old man asking someone to "hook them up"?  I can understand seeing someone that you're interested in, finding out that you have a mutual contact, and asking them a little background info or even an introduction...but not asking for their number.  What if you approach them and their breathe stinks, or they can't complete a sentence?  You could've avoided this entire situation if you would have talked to them before you got their number.  Or even more...what about the person who's number their asking for (in this case me), what about if I don't want you to have my number?  Once you have it, you have it (until I change it) So I guess my thoughts on the subject just don't matter?

If that wasn't enough...this morning I was on facebook working and I get a FB chat message from one of the city's department directors thanking me for attending their employee recognition dinner on Friday night.  Then he says that some of the men were coming up to him asking him who I was.  He told them to just approach me but they didn't want to.  I don't think it's asking too much for a man who has enough self-confidence to approach me...the worst that could happen is that I say no.  Heck...I might just say yes.  But they will never know until they come up and ask.  Anyone who has met me (or who knows me) will tell you that I'm just about the friendliest person that you'll ever meet.  9 times outta 10 I have a smile on my face and I will talk to just about anyone about anything. (seriously, I saw one of the FIFA games and started talking to everyone about it like I had been watching every game) So even if they didn't want to go on Mr. (blank)'s word that I was nice, they could've gone off of the inviting smile on my face. 

I can say with all honesty, that I have been doing some of the approaching lately (even though those end up as duds) and it's not all that bad.  If they say no (or seem uninterested) my world keeps's not going to fall off it's axis.  But yea...I just thought it was too crazy that 30+ year old men are trying to get the phone number of someone that they've never expressed interest to through a third party...that's just not what's hot.  But I don't know...maybe that's what's in and maybe that's why I'm still single.

Bright Side: Umm...(thinking really hard) I had a fabulous time teaching my boss's husband how to Wobble (he's an older, Jewish gentleman and he was getting it!  He had everyone on the dance floor SPEECHLESS...he even asked me to get him the song so that he could practice it for exercise. Lol)

P.S. Remind me to tell you about the reason why I don't give second chances...this ninja right here did the fool...but I have to get back to trying to get outta work early work. ;)


  1. To answer your question. No, that is not in. Most likely they are intimidated by your perceived status or looking for a way to run game. You know if you are going to ask questions about someone, I figure you would ask the right ones. Because let's just accept the fact that some people seek the avenue for the "game" factor. Looking to get it how they can!

  2. OK you know I've already tweeted that this was hilarity. Now I would like to be me (and point out something)...I love how you’re getting all of this passive attention and you’re not walking around with the big head! Also...age doesn't indicate much these days, so it doesn't surprise me that men would rather be rejected or accepted via a third party. He may not be one who had learned to control facial expressions or something...

    On another note...I was excited to learn that there are still cute men at the grocery store...we should discuss this over a cup of OG Hot Chocolate *well mocha for me!* -=) Love from the fam!!


  3. Lol that is too funny! Yes, we can most definitely discuss in person because I have many more stories!