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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Adventures of Rick (Part III)

Happy Friday!  I believe the last I blogged, I alluded to Rick reaching out and contacting me.  This is what happened...

A couple of months ago, I was walking in the tunnel (a place in Downtown Houston that is underground and filled with restaurants and shops) and I happened to run into a good friend of mine...we'll call him Paul.  Now, Paul and I "talked/dated" many moons ago but we're still pretty good friends.  Paul was talking to some friends when I spoke and he started walking with me in the tunnel since we were going the same way.  Apparently while we were walking, Rick saw us.  (You know how you just have a feeling in the pit of your stomach that you're going to see someone that you know...I had that feeling as soon as Paul and I started walking together.)  I just knew that we were going to run into Rick, but it didn't matter to me because Rick "dropped his dime".  Paul and I go to our respective lunch choices and that was it.

A couple of weeks later, I was walking in the tunnel again with one of our interns and Rick walks up on the side of me and speaks.  When I get back to my desk, I receive a text from Rick saying that he didn't know how things went sour between us but that I looked nice, blah, blah, blah.  Funny, right?  The thing is that things weren't "sour", I just stopped putting effort into something that he wasn't investing any energy too.  I politely explained my stance and how I'd given him a warning that I wasn't going to chase or nag him about anything...I was going to just move around.  Rick wasted no time telling me that he saw me walking with Paul and that I ignored him.  I didn't even see him!  I just nicely explained that if he would've been doing what he was supposed to do, I would've been walking with him.  He understood and I can say that things have been going a lot better. 

Bright Side:  Things with Rick are still...developing.  His communication is a lot better and we've hung out a lot more frequently than before.  I have been doing a lot better at being more flexible and going with the flow (which is a huge accomplishment for me).  We'll see where this friendship goes...

Stay tuned to next friend/line sister has a very interesting Saturday night planned for me.

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