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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The DC Liar


Happy New Year! What's going on? I know that it's been a while since my last post, but the end of 2012 was uber crazy for me. I have, however, set a goal to open my calendar up to events outside of work or the other family/friend commitments that I'm obligated to attend. I started working on this goal before the holidays but i'll share that with y'all in another post. This post is dedicated to Ted. If you don't remember Ted, just go on over to "The Contradiction Personified".

Last I blogged, Ted and I went out and I wasn't sure what was going to happen next. That post was in July so we'll fast forward to the end of Sept. So I'm in DC to handle some work stuff and like anyone else, I post it on Facebook that I've just touched down in the city. Now...I hadn't really spoken to Ted since our outing so imagine my surprise when I get a text from him a few hours later just saying "Hey, What's up?" We start chit-chatting and I state what he's obviously already read in my status and he mentions that he's just landed too. (Funny thing is that we were almost on the exact same flight! Ha!). Anyway, the next evening he asks if I'm going to any of the parties/dinners/cocktail events that some of the offices are having around the city, and I respond that I've made plans with a girlfriend of mine who lives there. The next day he hits me up about a meeting and after going back and forth for over a hour about that and a few other things, I suggest that we meet up at some point since we're in the same city and he agrees. He gives me his immediate plans and I tell him that iI'l contact him when we finish our meetings.

Ted then texts me about every hour to a hour and a half after that to see where we are and what our plans are. When we finally get back to our hotel, I reached out to let him know that we're back and that we were about to start making moves. After my friends and I settle on a place to eat, I tell Ted and he says that he's back at his hotel. I ask him if he's in for the night (since he's been texting me about where we're going to be for the past 3 hours) and guess what he says... Ted says no, he's waiting for his girlfriend to get back to the hotel. [ read correctly, this ninja said his GIRLFRIEND! Umm...I'm thinking that maybe I missed something so I got a 2nd & 3rd opinion and both said that I wasn't tripping.] I ended up just hitting him back with a "that's cool" and kept it moving. Where was this girlfriend while we were texting until after 2a on the first night and all day the next day? Ninjas!

The situation wasn't worth more than that response. Because this city is so small and our careers are closely related, we've crossed paths again but I don't give him any more or less attention than I give anyone else. Well...that's a lie because he gets a straight face and a dry tone. I'm not rude but I'm definitely not extra.

Bright Side: Even though I was a little taken back by this situation with Ted in DC, I feel like I handled it properly. In my profession, you never know who's connected with who and you don't want to burn any bridges. Ehh...growing up is hard to do!

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