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Friday, October 7, 2011

Best Thing...

Yes, I was off yesterday but I spent the entire day helping my mother move and then I went straight to rehearsal for my friend/line sister's wedding tonight.  I'm super excited for @tjflenoy and Joe Driver's wedding tonight!  (Twitter Trending Topic: #tiffandjoesayIdo)

But as promised, here's the story that I was supposed to share yesterday.  There was a guy that I dated off and on from 9th grade until sometime last year.  I usually am not the type to go back and forth, but with him it was a little different.  Every time that we stopped dating, it wasn't because he did something wrong of was messing with someone else, but because it just phased out for the moment.  I guess you could call him my "Go-To Guy".  He was the one I could "go to" when I wasn't in a relationship and just wanted to go out or for companionship.  This was all the case up until I found out that the entire time we were dating/talking/in a relationship/whatever you want to call it, he was doing the same thing with another girl, who happened to be the mother of his child.  Fun times, right?  Well, when I found out I didn't go ballistic, I just sent my "closure" text and kept it moving.  I guess the thing to know about me is that when I'm in a relationship,  I take on the other person's friends too.  Many times I would be the only female with him and his friends or his cousins watching the game, hanging out at the house, whatever because that's me.  They were cool, so we were cool.

One of GTG's cousins (Chris) and I were really cool.  I tried to hook him up with one of my friends, we traded music, he even was the one to try to give me advice on GTG. (This story is not going where you think it's just read).  Anyway, this group was really cool so when I found out that GTG was still messing with his BM (baby mama) and I left him alone, his friends/cousins went with him.  Now, I didn't expect for his friends to dime him out, but if they knew that he was still with her (which I'm sure they did), then Chris shouldn't have been so adamant about making sure GTG & I stayed together.  He could have just been cool when we all hung out and left it like that. 

Fast Forward to the present...a couple of months ago I got a message from one of his friends shooting the breeze and asking why I let GTG do some of the foolish things that he did.  And I had to explain that he was a grown man I can't "let" anyone do anything.  But, last week I got a message on the online dating site from Chris.  I'll post the message (verbatim) and let you draw your own conclusions.  I will tell you that all I could do was laugh. 

he said September 28

Well, well, well! I run into you again, except on here instead of ******* Ms. Random Rambler! Clearly both sites think we are compatible for some reason. I never quite understood why you ex-communicated me because things didn't workout between you and my cousin. I thought we were cool, but, it is what it is. You're an intelligent, driven and attractive woman, so, I'm sure you won't be on here long. But, good luck!

you said September 30

Just like I told ********, because you knew the entire time that GTG was actually still with ******'s mother. Not that I expected you to rat out your cousin, but you were actively trying to get us together. But, it's the past and I'm moving forward.

Good Luck to you as well.

he said September 30

So, misinformed sweetheart...smh. Do your thang RR

Bright Side:  A couple of friends and I got a pretty good laugh about this and I didn't respond because there was no need.  It's over and done and I sleep just fine with my decision.  But, remind me to tell you the story of his interaction with another friend of mine...the world is truly a small place!

Have a great weekend!

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